Annual Charity Gala Dinner celebrating Diwali

The Loomba Foundation – Annual Charity Gala Dinner celebrating Diwali, 147th birthday of Mahatma Gandhi and International Day of Non-Violence

Guest of Honour – Mr. G. P. Hinduja the Co-Chairman of the Hinduja Foundation

Venue: The Dorchester, 53 Park Lane, London, W1K 1Qa

Date: Thursday, 13th October, 2016

The Loomba Foundation is hosting its annual charity gala dinner on the 13th of October and it is shaping up to be another fantastic occasion. The event follows successful gala dinners in previous years and follows other events held by the Loomba Foundation all over the world.

The gala dinner will celebrate the Indian festival of lights – Diwali, Mahatma Gandhi’s 147th birthday and International Day of Non-Violence. We are expecting over 300 high profile guests, including senior politicians, diplomats, dignitaries and business leaders to attend the dinner.

There are over 44 million widows in India. Many of them live in poverty struggling to survive. They are malnourished, exposed to disease, and subjected to slavery. Widowed women experience targeted murder, rape, prostitution, forced marriage, property theft, eviction, social isolation, and physical and psychological abuse. Children of widows face horrors such as child marriage, illiteracy, loss of schooling, forced labour, child trafficking, homelessness, and rape.

The Loomba Foundation, an UN accredited global charity, is promoting the fundamental freedoms and humans rights of widows and their children in India and around the world by raising awareness of gross injustices women face when losing a husband. We work together with UN bodies, governments and activists to fight for widows who suffer dreadful prejudice and discrimination by promoting gender sensitive reform of national laws and policies, eradicating anti-widow superstitions, traditions, and social practices, promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment, implementing poverty-reduction strategies, and promoting opportunities for the education of their children.

A key aspect of the work is helping change a mind-set which is engrained in a culture. A stigma has been associated with widows and it is part of our work to help change this thinking. The work of the foundation over the last number of years has focused on the education of children of poor widows and empowering their mothers. This certainly had a positive impact on that individual’s life and helped them reach heights not imaginable before the Foundations intervention. When thinking about how we can impact on even more people’s lives we thought about the widow. If they are empowered, can make a positive contribution and in turn educate their children then this will have a trickle-down effect on their children. We conducted a recent impact analysis with the University of Northampton and the findings show that for every widow we help it actually has a positive impact on 10 people’s lives.

Last year, we raised sufficient funds with the support of Lions Clubs International Foundation to empower 2,600 impoverished widows in India. To date, the Foundation has raised funds to empower over 15,000 impoverished widows in India, who will receive a vocational training in tailoring for two months and a foot-operated sewing machine after completing the training.

Every event hosted by the Loomba Foundation has been a great success. The Foundation is growing from strength to strength and we expect this year to be a catalyst to reach greater heights. We have a clear ambition and we know we can achieve our goals with the help of your kind donations. These events bring people together to highlight the issue, raise much needed funds and enable the work to be carried out over the months that follow.

The aim of The Loomba Foundation is to empower 1,000 widows in every state in India. The only way we can do that is matching our ambition with your donations. Lord Loomba CBE said “The impact of this project would be that not only 30,000 widows will be economically empowered, but they will also educate about 90,000 children assuming that they have three children on average. They will further support 180,000 of their family members assuming there are around six family members in each household. Therefore, 300,000 people stand to benefit from this project,”

We also have other upcoming events around the world. We will be hosting an event in India on the 5th of November and New York on the 1st of December. Going towards Christmas we will be running our annual Christmas appeal. Of course, similar to recent years, we will be building up to International Widows Day on the 23rd of June next year. This day which we helped commission will be marked next year with an even greater push to raise awareness for this cause. We believe with the work we have done and the supporters we have gathered that the 23rd of June 2017 will be a really special occasion, as we celebrate our 20th anniversary.

Your kind donation of £50 will empower a widow in India. For all ticket enquiries, event sponsorship or if you are interested in sponsoring a widow please get in touch.