Day 25 – Heading East & Waiting for Ed

Day 25 – 3 Feb 2015 – Travelled from Mangalore to Mudigere

Distance – 42km – Cumulative total 1,050km

My name is Chris and I’m Walking 1,260km from Mumbai to Bangalore to raise money for widows in India. I’m walking 30 Marathons in 30 Days and I will be writing a blog post every day. To follow my progress you can sign up to receive updates here. To read my previous blog posts click here. To make a donation please visit this page. Thanks for reading and please leave me a comment as they really do give me a lift when I read them every morning.

Having conquered NH17 as we arrived into Mangalore last night you can imagine my horror as we set off this morning and joined NH48. Please read the previous four blogs and simply replace NH17 with NH48 and you will get a sense of my horror on this road. Thank goodness after about 20km, we picked up a much smaller road which, while still very busy with traffic at least had lovely views.

On the NH73 which wasn’t as busy!

For the first time since leaving Mumbai we were now heading East rather than South and by the end of the day we had been climbing steadily into the Western Ghats so that we are now at 700m.

Last night we had a buffet in the hotel in Mangalore. It was by far the hottest food I had eaten since being in India. Only Sachin and I ate as Atul had decided he was putting on too much weight and was trying the new starvation diet rather than the 30×30 diet I am on. The consequence of this meal became apparent today and I am embarrassed to report that this resulted in six code reds (even Sachin, with the constitution of an ox, was on three code reds).

Picture the scene. Lewis Hamilton makes a pit stop at a critical stage in the Dubai Grand Prix only to find there were no mechanics at hand so he had to get out of the car and change his tyres and refuel himself – a pit stop normally taking 6 seconds now takes 15 minutes. This was the sad state of affairs for some of my code reds today.

A different pit stop!

I learnt today why so many of the buses drive even more wildly than some of the other traffic – Atul explained they were run by private operators and were racing to pick up passengers before their competitors got there.

I witnessed a first today when we came across a shop full of the biggest and strongest chickens I have ever seen. Sachin explained they were fighting cocks and were sold for between 3,000-5,000 rupees (GBP 30-50, which is 10 times for a normal chicken) because of the betting involved. I sat next to a couple of these beasts in the shop with Sachin telling me to pull the string on their legs so they could be closer to me for a photograph, my grimace was in anticipation of my eye being pecked out.

We had a very long day today as the full route was about 120km so we had a long and frenetic drive after I had completed 42km. Thankfully my stool and bucket were waiting for me as I arrived at the guest house.

Can’t wait for Ed to arrive tomorrow.

I continue to be incredibly touched by all of your kind and supportive comments.

Love from Mudigere.

Chris xx

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A few pictures from the day before, Day 24

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