Day 30 – 30 Days and 1,260km Later…

Day 30 – 8 Feb 2015 – Travelled from Mahadevpura to ITC Gardenia, Bangalore

Distance – 42km – Cumulative total 1,260km

My name is Chris and I’m walking 1,260km from Mumbai to Bangalore to raise money for widows in India. I’m walking 30 Marathons in 30 Days and I will be writing a blog post every day. To follow my progress you can sign up to receive updates here. To read my previous blog posts click here. To make a donation please visit this page. Thanks for reading and please leave me a comment as they really do give me a lift when I read them every morning.

I have just taken the last steps of my 1,260km journey.

As I close my eyes, I have fleeting memories of sweeping coasts, coffee plantations, coconut trees, rivers meeting the sea, villagers going about their morning business, NH17, warm smiles, being reunited with music long ago played, a bucket and a jug, the first chai of the day and warm hospitality.

There were lots of people who made this trip possible but there were just three very special ones – Atul, Sachin and Kumar. They each performed their roles perfectly – all my needs being met – I just had to get up in the morning and walk. They were an extraordinary team with the route planned and re-planned, the dedication required for over two hundred sessions of physio and the overall logistics all completely gripped. We have formed a special relationship over the last 30 days which I know will continue.

As Ed has said to me before “the human body is capable of so much more than you think”, so it was completely fitting that Ed was with me at the end.

I have been fortunate to see the work of the Loomba Foundation in practice through their support of widow’s children in Delhi and I am looking forward to seeing more of their work with the widows in Varanasi. Raj Loomba works tirelessly to keep the plight of widows and their children front of mind.

I can’t pretend that the last 30 days was easy – unquestionably the mental challenge was far greater than the physical one. The walk was at the same time both vast (under the Indian skies) and also intimate through the interactions with my team and through all of your wonderful comments – thanks for holding my hand throughout. I have been overwhelmed by your warmth and encouragement and can’t thank you enough. As I walked south across the west coast of India between the sea and Western Ghats I hope you have got a flavour of this wonderful country.

To use a cycling analogy, the chasing peloton of ‘commentators’ did a valiant job of trying to hunt down the leader but my Mum broke for the front early and was never going to be caught – her comments coming thick and fast – she ends the journey on the podium with a world record number of comments – thanks Mum.

My two years of training could only partly prepare me for what was to come and I have been fortunate to do something which I hope is meaningful in the country that has become my second home.

Ed has been with me over the last 5 days and Deb and Molly join me later in the week. Then I have Sam and Ben to look forward to when I return from India. I recognise I am a very lucky man.

My journey is now over but thank you for joining me.

With my heart-felt love. God Bless.

Chris xx

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