Educating the children of widows

One area we have been involved since the inception of the Loomba Foundation is the education of children belonging to widows. I know from personal experience how important this is and also, when a woman becomes a widow in India there is usually no money for living purposes let alone educating their children. As a result children are quite often forced to work either in the streets or in factories. Sending a child to school is a cost a widow can’t afford as they need a uniform, exercise books, etc. Therefore, over the years we have helped to educate children and here is an update on the numbers.

Before I provide any figures I just want to advise that when our supporters help us to send a child to school we make a 5 year commitment. This means there is a guarantee in place that the education they receive is long lasting rather than stopping and starting which isn’t particularly helpful. In India there is a presentation ceremony whereby we hand out the cheques to the children as you can see from the above photo. If you want to get involved in helping to educate a child please visit this page.

To date we have helped to educate 9,235 children. In 2014-15 we are educating 1,654 students in India and they are broken down as follows by state:

  • Andhra Pradesh 195
  • Bihar 100
  • Chhatisgarh 186
  • Delhi 100
  • Haryana 10
  • Jammu & Kashmir 103
  • Karnataka 200
  • Mizoram 105
  • Maharashra 204
  • Punjab 67
  • Tamil Nadu 199
  • Uttrakhand 175
  • Uttar Pradesh 10

We are always looking to help children when it comes to their education as this is vital in giving them the start in life they need. If you want to get involved in helping to educate children please get in touch or visit this page to find out how you can get involved.