The Loomba Foundation launched an ambitious project to support 30,000 widows – 1000 in each of the 30 states in India, and educate 2000 of the widow’s children across India.

This project is in partnership with Rotary India Literacy Mission (RILM) and will run over a period of five years, at an estimated cost of Rs 20 crores. The MoU for the programme was signed by our President, Mrs. Cherie Blair CBE QC and Rotarian Shri Kalyan Banerjee, Chairman of Rotary International Foundation at the Loomba Foundation’s International Widows Day event on 23rd June 2017, at the Dorchester Hotel in London.

Left to Right: Cherie Blair CBE QC, Rotarian Kalyan Banerjee, GP Hinduja,
Susan Tobell, Lord Loomba CBE, Graham Tobell and Deepak Nangla

The beneficiaries for the project will be selected between the ages of 25 to 40 years, and will be provided with skills training in Beauty and Wellness, Healthcare and Care Giving, Security Industry, Telecom, Tourism & Hospitality, Handicraft, Textile & Apparel, Agriculture and Food Processing and Automotive Industry. These skills guidance project will impart key training to disadvantaged widows and help them get employed, earn a living, educate their children, support their family members and lead a life of dignity.

During the first year, we will provide skills training to 4000 widows – 1000 in each of the states of Haryana, New Delhi, Maharashtra and West Bengal.