The Loomba Foundation Celebrated The 20th Anniversary on International Widows Day-23rd June 2017

The Lord and Lady Loomba together with their family hosted the Loomba Foundation’s Annual Gala Dinner at the Dorchester in London on the 23rd June 2017 to celebrate the Loomba Foundation’s twentieth anniversary on International Widows Day.

Presided over by the Foundation’s President, Mrs. Cherie Blair, the event was attended by Chief Guest, His Excellency Shri Y.K. Sinha, High Commissioner for India, Guest of Honour, Shri G.P. Hinduja, Co-Chairman of Hinduja Group and Special Guests, First Lady of Rwanda, Mrs Jeannette Kagame, Chairman of Rotary International Foundation Shri Kalyan Banerjee and the British Minister of State for Commonwealth, Rt. Hon. Lord Ahmad.

Attended by over 300 high profile guests, including Parliamentarians, Trustees, Patrons and Supporters, the event was an opportunity to raise vital funds for the work of the Loomba Foundation as well as highlight the Foundation’s work the charity has done to educate children of poor widows and empower their mothers in India and around the world.

The High Commissioner of India HE Shri Y.K. Sinha spoke about the important work that the charity and the Indian government is doing to help impoverished widows across the country.

In addition, the First Lady of Rwanda, Mrs Jeannette Kagame passionately spoke about the impact widowhood has had in her country, and the work that the world needs to do to better their lives:

“Today more than ever, it is essential that our commitment to widows does not falter, and that, instead, it helps them remove the barriers that still prevent women from playing a leading role in economic development,” the First Lady said.

She added, “We are all uncomfortably aware that injustice has too often become a familiar experience for grieving widows across the world.”

Veena Lady Loomba, Lord Loomba CBE, HE Y. K. Sinha, Mrs. Sinha and Mrs. Cherie Blair CBE QC

Lord Popat, Sandhya Lady Popat, Lady Ahmad and Rt. Hon. Lord Ahmad


Guests at the Blimp Launch

Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan Singing a Song

Guests Dancing to Bollywood Music


At the Dorchester Gala Dinner, the Loomba Foundation signed an agreement with the Rotary India Literacy Mission to provide skills training to 30,000 impoverished widows – 1000 widows in each of the 30 states in India and educate 2000 children of poor widows.

The agreement was signed by our President, Mrs. Cherie Blair CBE QC and Rotarian Shri Kalyan Banerjee, Chairman of Rotary International Foundation. The project will run over next five years and cost approximately £2.00 million.

Cherie Blair CBE QC and Rotarian Kalyan Banerjee holding the signed agreement

We sincerely thank Mr. Graham Tobbell, Mrs. Susan Tobbell and Brightsun Travels Ltd., who have pledged to donate £20,000 each to support the Pan India Project, every year over next five years.

Cherie Blair presenting a Memento to Mr. & Mrs. Tobbell

Cherie Blair presenting Memento to Deepak Nangla of Brightsun

Training will be provided in Beauty & Wellness, Healthcare & Care Giving, Security Industry, Telecom, Tourism & Hospitality, Handicraft, Textile & Apparel, Agriculture and Food Processing and Automotive Industry.

To know more about this collaborative initiative with Rotary India Literacy Mission
(Project Dignity - A skill-development project for 30,000 widows in India)