A widow, in most societies, is often abandoned and left with very little resources to fend for herself and her children. At Loomba, we believe that a woman and her potential should not be hindered by patriarchal customs and superstitions.

What do we do as an organisation?

We aim at improving the lives of widows and their families. We develop strategies that help provide employment to widows and educational opportunities for their children, thereby reducing poverty.

Why do we want you to support us?

Across the globe, widows suffer doubly. First for being a woman and second for being left destitute after the loss of her husband. All they need is a support system for learning skills that would help them run their own families.

How do we cater to those who need our support?

We have created a model platform where you can come and extend your support to the empowerment of widows. All donations go to widows and their families. We train widows to earn their own livelihood by teaching them various skills like sewing and embroidery. The Loomba Foundation covers administration and marketing costs at their own initiative.

Empower a Widow
Let us resolve to end discriminatory attitudes and take action to ensure that widows of all ages enjoy equal human rights, including the right to shape their own future and to participate fully in society.

Partner with us

Over the years, we have helped people from different parts of the world through partnerships with various global organisations, such as:

Oxfam (UK) in Rwanda to start agricultural projects to empower 300 widows, whose husbands were victims of genocide.

  • Prince’s Youth Business International to empower young widows in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Syria, Kenya and Uganda.
  • Virgin Unite to provide aid to HIV-affected orphans in South Africa
  • Lions’ Club International Foundation to provide sewing machines and tailoring training for 2,000 widows to support a project in India
Partner with us

Send a Donation by Post

If you wish to send a donation by post please send it to the following address:

  • Safdar Shah
  • The Loomba Foundation
  • Loomba House
  • 622 Western Avenue
  • London W3 0TF
  • United Kingdom

100% Model

All donations made to The Loomba Foundation go directly to widows and their families. The Loomba Family covers administration and marketing costs in its individual capacity.