Our Supporters

Over the years, the Loomba Foundation has received aid from several donors and sponsors. This has made it possible for us to transform the lives of thousands of women and children around the world. We would like to acknowledge the support of our donors and sponsors, past and present, and would like to take this opportunity to extend our gratitude to each of them.

President of the Loomba Foundation

Cherie Blair CBE QC became the first Patron of the Foundation in 1998. She agreed to become the President and officially inaugurated Loomba House in London on 8 September 2004 in the presence of the Indian High Commissioner, His Excellency Kamalesh Sharma. The wife of the former British Prime Minister, she has consistently showed her support and travelled to various countries to attend the Foundation’s events in order to raise awareness about the plight of widows and their children around the world.


Sir Richard Branson agreed to become Patron-in-Chief in 2004. He has attended the Foundation’s fundraising events in India and South Africa. He has also supported the Foundation by making an appeal on BBC Radio 4 in 2004. He raised over £500,000 through three ‘Change for Children’ appeals on the Virgin Atlantic flights worldwide. The Loomba Foundation is the only charity to have been supported three times by Virgin Atlantic.

Our corporate sponsors

  • Rinku Group
  • Lyca Mobile
  • Tata Consulting
  • Europoint Holdings
  • Barclays
  • Standard & Chartered
  • Synergy Lifestyle
  • TelecityGroup
  • Rational FX

Individual sponsors over the years

  • Susan and Graham Tobell
  • Mr. Navin Jindal
  • Baroness Boothroyd
  • Lady Williams
  • R. S. Sokhi
  • Sir Rob Young
  • G. R. White
  • J. S. Fielder
  • Sir Tony Baldry MP
  • Mrs. Aruna Oswal
  • Mr. Salman Mahdi
  • F. Lamb
  • S. Montgomery Gibbs
  • G. Dyke and S. Howes
  • W & B Hanna
  • John Scalway
  • M. Ojha
  • Mr. Simon Acland
  • Mr. Balbir Singh Kakkar
  • Mr. S. K. Mongia
  • Kramer
  • Mrs. Sharada Sugirtharajah
  • K. Mann
  • W. M. Hyde
  • S. M. Stirrup
  • P.T. Sethi
  • Ms. Dee Patel
  • Mr. Tim Fitzpatrick
  • Mr. David Chestnutt
  • K.G. Robbins
  • Lady Harding
  • Stanton
  • G. A. & K. J. Brisk
  • Mr. Patel and Mrs. Pinder

“We can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone.” - Ronald Reagan