World Widows Report

The Loomba Foundation’s World Widows Report is the first and only global report on the state of the world’s widows. Global in its approach and inclusive in its scale, it provides readers with an accessible, up-to-date document that describes the distinctive challenges widows as a community face due to continuing social prejudice and discrimination in countries across the world.

Bringing together insights from a vast number of research studies by activists, organisations and NGOS, the report is a one-stop shop for anyone concerned about widows’ lives. It gives access to a comprehensive global document that details widows numbers and the challenges they continue to face due to prevailing social dogma and beliefs in most parts of the world.

In fact, the extensive nature of research that the report is premised upon lent weight to the Loomba Foundation’s efforts to lobby the UN in dedicating a day towards commemorating widows—resulting in the 23 June being marked as International Widows Day.

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The Report

  • There are 258 million widows with 585 million dependent children across the globe.
  • Of these, 38 million widows live in extreme poverty with basic needs unmet.
  • Widows with only female children and child widows aged between 10 and 17 face severe discrimination in many developing countries.

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