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Activity Report

Activity Report 2014-15

Education Programmes: Our programmes to educate the children of impoverished...

Activity Report 2023-24

During the year the Loomba Foundation continued educating children of...

The Loomba Trust Activity

2007-08 2007: A Significant Year for The Loomba Trust It...

Diwali at the United

29th November 2007 The Loomba Foundation, a sister charity of...

Activity Report 1999-2008

OBJECTIVES The objectives of the Loomba Foundation are to promote...

Activity Report 2005

Profile The Trust was established in the UK on 26...
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A Skill Traning initiative by The Loomba Foundation

$80 million over three years to collect data about how women live and work around the world. The data will help jumpstart the foundation’s work.

Youth Business International, for widows empowerment schemes

Youth Business International – a project of the Prince of Wales International Business Leaders Forum that helps disadvantaged people in many countries start up new sustainable businesses and create jobs.