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Activity Report 2020-21

As we look back, 2020 has been an unprecedented year. The Covid-19 pandemic has killed many thousands of people and destroyed economy all over the world. It has spared no country. Sadly, the lockdowns and government restrictions have impacted on charities. The Loomba Foundation was no exception. During April 2020, The Loomba Foundation donated 100,000 […]

Activity Report 2010-11

8th December 2010: Widows Voice Charity Dinner held at the Willingdon Club, Mumbai The Loomba Foundation hosted a Widows Voice Charity Dinner in Mumbai, which was attended by the Foundation’s President, Cherie Blair. The dinner was also attended by Mr. Aditya Puri, CEO of HDFC Bank, Dr. Vijaypat SInghania, Chairman, Raymond Group, Bollywood actresses Poonam Dhillon and Devika […]

Activity Report 2011-12

Awareness and Fundraising events during 2011 The Loomba Foundation continued to raise awareness of the plight of widows around the world and the much needed funds for the Foundation’s educational and empowerment projects by organising fund-raising events: June 22-23, 2011 – United Nations Headquarters, New York The first UN recognised International Widows Day was observed by […]

Activity Report 2012-13

Educational Programmes: The Foundation Loomba Foundation beneficiaries – who are selected without regard to race, religion or gender – receive a scholarship for a complete education, with guaranteed funds for a period of five years. All donations received for the education of these children are applied wholly to the cost of their education. Empowerment Projects: […]

Activity Report 2013-14

During the year, the Loomba Foundation continued to raise awareness of the plight of widows around the world and the much needed funds for the Foundation’s educational and empowerment projects by organising fund-raising events in India and the UK. The Foundation educated 1798 children of poor widows in 13 states. In addition, the Loomba Foundation started […]

Activity Report 2014-15

Education Programmes: Our programmes to educate the children of impoverished widows in India have been at the heart of The Loomba Foundation since its Foundation was established 18 years ago, and 2014-15 has been another milestone year with 1693 students benefiting in 13 states. We partnered with the Hinduja Foundation in five states – Andhra […]

Activity Report 2015-16

The year 2015-16 has been another momentous year for the Loomba Foundation. In addition to our core work  of educating the children of poor widows and empowering the impoverished widows in Punjab and Varanasi, we have been busy in promoting the fundamental freedoms and human rights of widows, linking these with the Sustainable Development goal […]

Activity Report – 2016-17

23rd June, 2016 – Ludhiana, India The Loomba Foundation marked International Widows Day at an event which was held in Ludhiana on 23rd June, 2016. The Foundation, which works to empower disadvantaged widows around the world, commemorated widows, by inviting them to talk about their struggles and how the skills training provided by the Loomba […]

Activity Report 2017-2018

 2017 has been a momentous year for the Loomba Foundation as we celebrated our 20th Anniversary 1997-2017. We completed the empowerment project for 5000 widows in Varanasi, which was launched by the Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi on the 22nd Jan 2016 in Varanasi.During the year we continued empowering widows, educating children of poor […]

Activity Report 2018-2019

International Widows Day event at the Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi Date: 23rd June 2018 The Loomba Foundation held an event at the Vigyan Bhawan in New Delhi on Saturday, 23rd June, 2018, to mark the UN recognized International Widows Day. The event was attended by the Hon’ble Vice President of India, as Chief Guest, and […]